Preparing to Let

  • Mortgage - If your property is subject to a mortgage agreement, you must obtain permission for letting from the mortgage lender. If that is the case, you must inform us.
  • Insurance - You should ensure that you are covered for letting under both your buildings and contents insurance. therefore, you should check if the buildings insurance is included as part of your block policy.
  • Tax - If you are resident in the UK, it is your responsibility to inform the Inland Revenue of rental income received and to pay any tax due. If you are resident outside the UK, we will forward to the Inland Revenue on a quarterly basis an amount equal to the basic rate of income tax from rental received, less certain expenses.
  • Leaseholds - If you are a leaseholder, you must obtain the necessary written consent to let. If you are a tenant, you must obtain your landlord’s consent to sub-let the property.
  • Council tax - Council tax must be paid by the tenant. During vacant periods the landlord is responsible for it. However, it is possible to apply for an exemption depending on the previous tenant’s status and whether or not the property is unfurnished.
  • Keys - You should provide one set of keys to each Tenant and one set of keys to us.
  • Furnishings and decorations - Your property can be let fully furnished, part furnished or unfurnished. If the flat is let furnished, all items offered must be in good condition and they should be in the property during viewings.
  • Appliances - All appliances in the property must be in a functional condition. All manuals for appliances should preferably be left in the property and all information regarding any guarantees you have in place should be provided to our office.
  • Gardens - Gardens should be left neat and tidy. Moreover, it is responsibility of the tenant(s) to maintain the garden to a reasonable standard if the necessary tools are provided.
  • Cleaning - Before the commencement of the tenancy the property must be clean and in a good condition. At the end of the tenancy the tenant must leave the property clean and, if they fail to do so, they will be liable for the cost of the cleaning.

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